miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Block 2  UNIT 5 

What do you think about healthy food?

A healthy diet is one that provides all the essential nutrients and energy that each person needs to stay healthy.

A well-fed person has more opportunities:

  • To develop fully
  •  Healthy Living
  • Learn and work better
  • Protect yourself from diseases.

The varied diet ensures the incorporation and use of all the nutrients they need to grow and healthy living.

Healthy eating, and improve the quality of life at all ages, has been shown to prevent the development of diseases such as:

  • Obesity
  •  Diabetes
  • Cerebrovascular Diseases and cardio
  •  Hypertension
  • Dyslipidemia
  •  Osteoporosis
  •  Some cancers
  • Anemia
  •  Infections

To eat healthy we recommend:

Distribute food into 4 main meals and 2 snacks
     • Moderate your portion sizes
     • Consume 2 day 3 servings of fruits and vegetables of all kinds and color
        preferably raw
     • At lunch and dinner, half the plate to be vegetables and a dessert
     • Incorporate legumes, whole grains, seeds and dried fruit.
     • Use red or white (chicken or fish) no more than 5 times a week meats.
     • Cook without salt. Replace it with parsley, basil, thyme, rosemary and other
     • Avoid using salt shaker on the table.
     • Limit sugar and alcohol.

Do your best to make healthy food choices and incorporate some physical the activity most days. Hiking with friends, walk your dog, dancing and taking the stairs instead of the elevator can be as valuable as running on the tape.



domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Block1 UNIT 10 

My favorite movie: A Walk to Remember

Movie plot :

The story begins with a boy, Landon, who has behavioral problems, many of them created by the social pressure of the group of friends to which it belongs. Landon is the popular, cocky boy in school and believes that it has a lot to offer. He's companion Jamie, the daughter of Reverend village, which is battered and called sanctimonious and boring. 

Due to an incident with one of his teammates, Landon begins to be frowned upon, especially by the Rev. Hegbert father of Jamie. Blame mortifies Landon and ends with punishment: being part of a school play. Seeing that I had trouble playing the lead role of the work, asks for help from Jamie, who also has the lead role in the play and, at first, was not convinced of help. He agreed to do it with a strange condition: Landon promised never fall in love; a proposal that Landon found difficult to accept.

Gradually, as they spend more time together, Landon begins to know how wonderful Jamie while he is good in himself, and Jamie begins to see it too. Both begin to feel a confidence, but do not say in the beginning, is becoming love. The day's work comes, and the inner and outer beauty Jamie is shown in its splendor and Landon impulsively kisses no matter that the audience was watching. There they realize that they want but frowned upon by the friends of Landon and Jamie's father.

Finally, Jamie reveals to Landon has leukemia and he has little time to live. This is responsible for fulfilling all the wishes of Jamie, described by her long before, such as dancing at dawn, watching a meteor shower, and most importantly, get married in the church where his father and mother did. Jamie died shortly afterwards, and Landon discovers his true vocation, medicine.

Landon after four years returns to town and visit Jamie's father, telling him that he entered medical school and giving Jamie's book, which was his mother and contains quotes from your favorite books.

Landon visits the place where she walked alongside Jamie and remember all the beauty they spent together, realizing that she saved his life and that was the miracle she longed to witness. He always miss Jamie and never forget it, saying that their love is like the wind: not seen, but felt.

Description of the main characters:

Landon Carter: 

It is a cheerful, rebellious boy, who belongs to the group of popular, always at parties and does what he wants, but inside is very very affectionate; is very attractive physically.

Jamie Sullivan:

It is a cheerful and outgoing girl, does not have many friends, conservative, was rejected as the school, but was very dreamy, daughter of the Rev. Hegbert, liked to read the Bible; was physically bonitapero usually never managed and always wore a sweater.

Romantic story